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WCM - World Christianship Ministries
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Fast Professional Service - Be Ordained Today if Necessary - WCM is the Ministry of Choice for Christians wishing to Be Ordained in a Simple Way
Over 34 Years of Ordination Experience in All States

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Become an Ordained Minister Today
     World Christianship Ministries will give you complete authority to do all Christian ceremonies and services including wedding ceremonies, baptisms and funeral services. Begin your own independent Christian church or ministry without delay. WCM also offers something you won't find in other internet ordination churches and ministry's:
  • Phone support, a real and knowledgeable person to speak with
  • Free advice concerning your new independent church or ministry after you are ordained
  • 30+ years of experience including over 2,000 wedding ceremonies performed by the administrator of World Christianship Ministries
  • FAST SERVICE!  After we receive your application by Phone, Fax, E-Mail or Mail we generally have your package placed in the mail in 1-3 business days. If you have a pressing engagement like a wedding to do, ask us about faxing you a copy of your ordination certificate, or sending you a PDF copy by E-Mail. Wd can do this almost immediately if you wish.

 Service - Support - Commitment
It's just how we are!

Follow these simple instructions for being ordained without delay:
  1. Take our Guided Site Tour to see all the things that we offer.  Aside from ordination we offer handbooks and materials to help you begin your independent church or ministry, Clergy or Ordination Packages that offer you many things for a lesser offering, excellent "True to the Word" nondenominational Bible Study courses and so much more.
  2. Open and print your ordering form and brief application.
  3. Decide what you wish to apply for, either one of our Clergy Packages or individual items.
  4. Call in, FAX in, or Mail in your forms. Also you may now Fill In the PDF Application, then save it and attached it to our E-Mail address if you wish. Our E-Mail Address is
  5. If you have any questions during the process just call us at our Ordination Hotline (559) 297-4271.
Be sure and check out all the BONUS ITEMS that we give you with the various Clergy Packages.

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Statement of Faith
World Cristianship Ministries Statement of Faith is composed of two parts
Part 1 - The Words of Christ (Our Favorite Part)
Part 2 - The Rest of The Bible

E-Mail your questions or comments to:

or you may write us for information at:

World Christianship Ministries
P.O. Box 20030
South Lake Tahoe, CA. 96151

Office Phone Number: (559) 297-4271

Can I use the name of World Christianship Ministries once I am ordained?

The answer to this question is yes and no. You can use our name as the ordaining authority which  gave you
the right to do Christian services such as marriage, baptism and funerals. You can use our name as the
authority that gave you the right to begin your own independent church or ministry, using your independent
church or ministry name and not the name of World Christianship Ministries. We DO NOT give anyone
that we ordained the right to use World Christianship Ministries name in a way that makes it sound like
that name belongs to them. World Christianship Ministries name is an incorporated LLC and may not be
used as the name of your new independent church or ministry. Also, World Christianship Ministries TM SM
name has been in continual use for 36 years and was a Registered Trademark.

© World Christianship Ministries LLC

We are always happy to receive your E-Mail's, letters or phone calls,
and answer any questions you may have.

Service - Support - Commitment
Americas fastest growing ordination ministry for sincere Christians who wish the authority of independent ordination quickly.
Over 34 years of experience.
WCM was founded in 1982

We believe in you
God believes in you
Believe in yourself