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Are you able to play YouTube Videos on your Computer. If so these songs are for you, Seniors and Veterans.

God Bless America - US Marine Corp Band, San Diego, CA          That Old Country Church
Amazing Grace - Angelo Kelly and Family          God Bless America - Irving Berlin & Scout Choir (He Wrote the Song)

If you are an older adult and or veteran, fast Christian Ordination might be something you wish to consider.  At our age, many of us realize that retiring might give us more free time, but retirement income might be far below what we were used to earning prior to retirement.  Or, as older adults, we might wish to perform a wedding ceremony for a family member or friends.  Here are a few reasons that Simple Christian Ordination might be of benefit to you. 

1.     If you Get Ordained by World Christianship Ministries you have immediate authority to do legal wedding ceremonies. Refer to our Weddings Minister page for more information. This ability benefits you in mainly 2 way:

A.    You can make a very good second income if you put a little bit of effort into it.  Doing Marriage ceremonies in places like peoples homes, gardens, parks, in the mountains, the beaches, almost anywhere, is actually quite simple. The founder of World Christianship Ministries, Rev. McElroy, has personally done over 2,000 weddings in such places. And all of us at WCM also have extensive experience at doing such Marriage Ceremonies.  The simplicity of doing these wedding ceremonies is explained in a very simple way in our Marriage Minister Handbook. This handbook is "straight to the point" as far as showing you how simple it is to offer this type of service.  Your fees can range from $50-$100 just for a ceremony lasting only a few minutes.  Of course your fee can go up to $200 or more if you must travel any great distance, or the ceremony is a little more formal with more guests. The simple ceremonies are the ones you will usually encounter the most, especially at peoples homes.

B.   Aside from doing marriages for a fee, you might just want to perform a wedding ceremony for a relative, or friend.  Once ordained by WCM you have that authority immediately.

2.   Other benefits open to you as Ordained Christian Clergy:

A.   As Ordained clergy you also have authority to do all other Christian services like Baptisms and Funerals and more.  With each ceremony you perform it is customary to request an offering. This is another way to supplement your retirement income.

B.   You can begin other types of ministries or a church if you wish, whatever you feel your talents will allow.  Information about other types of Christian Ministries can be found in our Guidebook for New Clergy on our Handbook page. And do not forget the Internet.  If you are computer smart you could develop some type of Internet Ministry if you wish.

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